Progression, perks and people

If you seized every opportunity that came your way, where would your role take you? Discover Ewa’s exciting UHS career journey so far - and find out why she thinks working at the Trust is so wonderful.

“My initial induction process was lovely” 

Before I joined University Hospital Southampton (UHS) as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA), I used to work in a residential home for children with complex needs. I progressed as far as I could in my role there and fancied a change. I wanted to work in the NHS because I knew there would always be the opportunity for progression. So I applied for a HCA role at UHS and got the job.

“You’re given time to get used to things and adjust”

During my first two weeks here, I was just coming to work and getting used to things. I had a buddy to show me around and everyone would say "if you need something, just come to me and I’ll explain it to you." So my initial induction process was lovely - you’re given time to get used to things and adjust. After three months I was able to apply for the Trainee Nursing Associate Apprenticeship. UHS also gave me the opportunity to do an interpreting course with Solent University. So now I help out as an interpreter for the wards when needed - it’s great to have this extra skill.

“I get a lot of support from my manager”

I currently work in the pediatric medical unit. My role involves everything from feeding babies to taking observations. If nurses are too busy, we’re lucky enough to be able to give the babies cuddles and things like that. We’re almost like their parents, when they can’t be there. That's the best bit about my role. As I’m studying at the moment, I mostly do my HCA role, but I also go on placements. I have Uni time once a week and it's included in my working hours which is really good. I get a lot of support from my manager and the Education Team as well. It’s really brilliant.

“The opportunities are basically endless”

I think anyone who works for UHS is lucky because the opportunities are basically endless. I hope next year I will become a Nursing Associate and then I will go for the full Nursing Degree top-up. At UHS, you can grow in your role as much as you want. That's the best thing - you just ask and you can get it - the opportunities are there. UHS offers me the training and they support me through the training too. It’s great to work for the Trust because they want their people to progress as soon as possible, if it’s right for the individual.