Clinical teams

We owe our achievements to the unwavering dedication and expertise of our exceptional teams. Our diverse and talented people work tirelessly to uphold excellence across all areas of the hospital. From our passionate healthcare professionals, to our innovative creatives and devoted support staff, each team member plays an integral role in shaping our shared vision and propelling our mission forward. Together, we foster a dynamic and collaborative environment that nurtures growth, creativity, and a profound sense of purpose.

Allied health

“Leading the way in patient care”

We’ve nine allied health professions working across the UHS hospitals, covering paediatric and adult services within both the community and our acute hospital settings. Each provides highly specialised patient care and supports the personal and professional development of our people.

Roles with us include:

  • Dietitians
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs)
  • Orthoptists
  • Paramedics
  • Physiotherapists
  • Radiographers (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • AHP support workers & registered professionals subject to relevant training/qualifications.

Providing holistic patient care, rehabilitation and interventions, you’ll help to maximise the potential for individuals to live full and active lives. We’ll view your health, wellbeing and development as a priority too. We’ll support you with ongoing supervision, effective goal setting and career planning, access to training and development opportunities for both clinical and leadership development - within the Trust, as well as with regional and national providers.

Healthcare science

“Our world class people lead the way”

Our healthcare scientists are a unique and specialised team who develop, design and deliver transformative patient care. They cover more than 50 specialisms, across four main scientific pillars and are involved in more than 80% of all clinical decisions. Healthcare Scientists work closely with the UHS research team They access innovative practice, ways to improve and integrate information and the knowledge necessary to support change.

Healthcare Science roles stretch from academic and translational research to patient centred service transformation and vary depending on your specialism. They include:

Life Scientists 

who investigate the causes of illnesses and progression via a variety of patient body samples.

Physiological Scientists 

who use specialist equipment and advanced tech to evaluate the functioning of different body systems, diagnose abnormalities, provide therapeutic intervention and long-term management and care.

Physical Scientists 

who develop methods of measuring what’s happening in the body, devise new ways of diagnosing and treating disease, and ensure equipment is functioning safely and effectively.

Data Scientists & Informatics

who are responsible for developing and improving methods for acquiring, storing, organising and analysing biological data that supports the delivery of patient care.


“I came for the pioneering research, I stay for the ongoing innovation”

Whether you’re keen to expand your skillset, delve into research, or provide teaching for our students, you can do it here.

We’ve opportunities for:

Senior Doctors  

if you’re driven by research, teaching, or being an expect in your field, this is the perfect environment to excel.

Junior Doctors 

learn from some of the UK’s leading medical professionals and benefit from our professional alliances.

Foundation Fellowship Programme (Years 1 and 2)

With a supervisor for each placement and specialty teaching on the wards, this two-year programme rotates between six core areas:

  • Trauma and Orthopaedics
  • Medicine for Older People
  • Specialist Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Cancer Care
  • Emergency Medicine

Foundation Fellowship Programme Year 3

If it’s been two or more years since you graduated and you’ve had 6-months NHS experience, you can gain specialist experience, work towards exams, consolidate your learning or step up to middle grade. You’ll have an educational framework equivalent to training grade doctors, the option to take study leave and the chance to revalidate your GMC registration.

Specialty Specific Fellows (Junior or Senior level)

Gain exposure to a variety of cases and patients as well as inspire the next generation of doctors. Working with globally recognised research departments, you’ll access newly developed treatments via our clinical trials programme, sub-specialise with our two-year post CCT/CESR fellowships and have access to Medical Training Initiative (MTI) places in specialist areas. 


“We lead the way by putting patients first”

Join our amazing nursing team and provide high quality, holistic and individualised nursing care within an interprofessional and multidisciplinary environment. With teams across Southampton General, Royal South Hants, Lymington, we’ve several regional specialities including Cardiac, Cancer Care, Children’s Hospital and Trauma and some working within community settings. There’s no shortage of career paths for you to pursue.

Roles here range from our newly qualified recruits and experienced ward-based staff to advanced clinical practice, clinical specialists, educators, researchers, leaders and managers at all levels of the organisation. Whatever your role or level of experience, you’ll play a vital role and be at the heart of everything we do and believe in.

If you’ve attention to detail, excellent communication skills and a caring and compassionate approach, you’ll enjoy great rewards and plenty of challenges. For newly qualified nurse, preceptorship is central to your initial development, followed by lots of support and opportunity to continue your education and development in clinical, research, management and leadership.


“I lead the way with passion and commitment”

Join us as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) and help our nurses and doctors, on one of our busy wards or outpatient areas, by offering the highest standards of care to our patients. Our dedicated HCA recruitment team will look after you from the moment you apply, throughout the recruitment and onboarding process. And if you’ve no previous care experience, no worries. Our ‘Welcome wards’ have senior healthcare assistant mentors who will work alongside you and help you to build the skills and confidence necessary to navigate your new role.

Our HCAs need to be great communicators with the energy and enthusiasm to carry out a variety of tasks including personal hygiene care and work a wide range of shift patterns. We’ve opportunities available across:

  • Southampton General
  • Royal South Hants Hospital 
  • Princess Anne Hospital
  • Lymington New Forest Hospital

Becoming a HCA with UHS is more than a job. It’s a career opportunity that can start your exciting journey within healthcare. Our HCAs receive top industry training and development, with a tailored career programme and amazing links to support nursing or higher healthcare apprenticeships. We lead the way in benefits too and offer bespoke initiatives like our HCA Hub. This is a safe space to chat about any issues you’re having, in or out of work, to assist with any additional training and make sure you’re as happy as possible in your role.

If you are Level 3 qualified or looking for a specific HCA role apply here.

If you are looking for entry level HCA role’s apply here.


Embark on a Fulfilling Career in Midwifery at UHS

UHS proudly cares for nearly 6,000 women and their families annually. We’re a renowned center of excellence for maternity care, offering a range of birthing locations that cater to individual choices. 

So, with approximately 5900 births annually, our maternity service  is a fantastic place to gain experience. You’ll have the opportunity to thrive within our midwifery-led pathway, inclusive of community work. Alternatively, you may choose to be part of our high-risk obstetric-led environment, closely connected with our exceptional tertiary fetal, maternal, and neonatal medicine services.

We take great pride in being pioneers of consultant midwives, who now play a vital role in promoting midwifery-led care by sharing their expertise, knowledge, and best practices. Collaboration is at the heart of our team culture, where you’ll work seamlessly alongside our obstetric colleagues and dedicated support staff to ensure the most positive experiences and outcomes for both mothers and babies.

Joining our compassionate and dedicated midwifery team at UHS will see your talents and care shape the remarkable journey of new life. Together, we’ll continue to set new benchmarks in maternity care, celebrating the joy of welcoming new arrivals into the world.