Application Tips

Our application process is fair. We measure your capability and skills against essential criteria in our job descriptions. You’ll find job descriptions can be found at the bottom of the job adverts on our site. Here are some simple tips to help you get the recognition you deserve during your application process.

Tip one

To be fair and equitable to all, we select people for interview who best meet the essential criteria for each role.  We don’t make assumptions about your experience.  So, make sure you list your relevant experience against this criteria in the supporting information to your application form.  If your application form allows you to attach a CV you might choose to answer questions with “refer to CV” but you must ensure your CV covers any essential criteria experience you have.

Tip two

We shortlist based on who scored the best against essential criteria. If you also match some of the desirable criteria, make a note of this in your application too.

Tip three

If you fill in an online form to apply for a role, rather than attach your CV, please make sure you list your skills in the right section so we can score you fairly.  Don’t assume that your job title or the organisation you worked for allows us to score you.

Tip Four

Anyone with a disability who meets the essential criteria is guaranteed an interview.  Please complete the Equal Opportunities section of your application and choose the option to be included in the “Guaranteed Interview” Scheme.  

Tip five

If you’re invited to interview you’ll be asked if you require any adjustments and wherever possible we’ll try to accommodate this.

Tip six

Most vacancies will close on the closing date shown in the advert, but occasionally a vacancy can close early. So please don’t wait. Apply as soon as you can.

Tip seven

Many of our interviews are conducted by video on MS Teams and they always have at least two parts. One will be a competency and values-based interview, the other a practical test like a presentation or similar.  We’ll let you know beforehand.

Tip eight

The interview date is usually in the advert, so please make a note of it when you apply as they often cannot be changed.  

Tip nine

Understanding what our values are and how they might affect behaviours and ways of working is important. So please consider what drives you and is important to you at work before your interview.

Tip ten

We’ll also ask you some competency questions. These usually start with “give us an example of” or “can you think of a time when”.  To prepare, think about your past experiences, successes and challenges, and be ready to share these examples.  You will need lots of examples and you can take them from previous jobs or, if you struggle with this, think of other experiences you have.

Tip eleven

Use the STAR technique (Situation Task Action Result) to help structure your answers. Take a little time to think about examples of success, challenges and thinking through STAR. What was the situation, what did you have to do, how did you action that and what were the end result of your approach.  We’ll help you along the way, as we want you to do well but the more prep you can do the better.

Tip twelve

We’ll keep you up-to-date and informed at every stage, whether you’re successful or not. We’ll also try to offer feedback. Just because you weren’t successful the first time does not mean you can’t apply for other roles.  With over 250 job roles at UHS there are opportunities for all sorts of people here.