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Finding better ways to reduce waiting lists

Richard Finley, outpatients team

We knew that attending outpatient clinics was a source of stress and disruption to many patients, especially for those who had to travel from outside the area. So we wanted to give patients the opportunity to talk to their clinicians from the comfort of their own home. Hence the idea of a virtual outpatient clinic was born. It had the added benefit of enabling the clinicians to see more patients in the same amount of time, therefore reducing patient waiting times.

I gathered the financial information and patient feedback required to present a compelling case for change to the Board and they supported it. Now we had to deliver it. That took a huge amount of teamwork. We had people from our clinical, administration, HR and IT teams working on the project and together we delivered the new system.

It’s incredibly satisfying to know that, even though I don’t have direct contact with patients, I can still make a huge difference to their experience.  I’m delighted that my efforts have contributed to a service improvement and I am very grateful for the recognition that I received as a result.

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