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Jan Kyle, healthcare assistant

A few years ago, while I was working on the orthopaedic ward, I noticed how well we were caring for the clinical needs of our ortho patients who also happen to be experiencing dementia, but I realised how much more we could do to look after their specific emotional and personal needs.

A couple of years ago I suggested to my line manager that we look to address this imbalance and, as a result, myself and my HCA colleagues were given the go ahead to launch an initiative. We arranged all kinds of activities such as communal dining at mealtimes, quizzes, bingo and sing-a-longs run by volunteers. This environment helps patients to connect with one another.

We also help patients to dress in day clothes and give them personal time when they need it. A small but important way of helping them to feel like themselves again.

It’s had such a positive impact - their diet and fluid intakes have improved and it’s also improved their mobility and their mental attitude. We’ve been able to reduce the level of nursing required during daytime hours, which has led to greater continuity of care for patients.

I’m so thrilled that my idea was supported by the hospital and that it has had such a positive impact on patients and their families. 

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