Staff spotlight: biomedical scientist trainee

Blanca Parejo Diaz

Blanca is a biomedical scientist trainee working in our biochemistry department as part of her university training.

‘When my mum was diagnosed with cancer, I used to go with her to the hospital to provide my support. We spent so much time in hospital that I started to become interested in how my mum’s disease had developed, how diseases appear in a healthy human body and how the doctors knew what type of treatment she needed.

‘Since then I have been interested in the field of medicine, but especially found the scientific aspect completely intriguing. I find it so interesting to learn how the human body works at a microscopic level, or how scientists have developed modern techniques which are able to give test results from a simple blood sample.

‘As part of my biomedical science degree, there was an option to apply for a placement year. Thinking that this would be a positive step for my professional development, I applied and had an interview at UHS ahead of my placement here. So far, it has been a great experience, because I have the opportunity to work in a big team with different departments in such a large organisation.

‘I love knowing that my job contributes to patients’ care and treatment in a very valuable way. It’s satisfying to feel that every day we have the opportunity to help people from behind the scenes. In this environment, you never stop learning – I discover new things about various diseases and how the human body works all the time.

‘The best thing about working in my team is the way we work together; there’s a great spirit of teamwork among us. We always help and support each other, no matter how busy and challenging the day can be. The patient’s care is our common aim and we work hard every day to achieve it. Everyone is always happy to answer any questions, to help when it's needed and to offer their support at any time.

‘My next step will be to return to university in September to complete my final year and become a registered biomedical scientist. I’d love to come back and work at UHS because I’ve learned so much here, and I’ve seen how it’s the perfect place to build a strong healthcare scientist career.

‘If you’re interested in pursuing a career in healthcare science, you’re making an excellent choice. Science is such a wide and multidisciplinary area where you can learn all about the human body in so many different ways. The career is such a rewarding route to take, because you have the opportunity to be part of a team that’s behind the difficult job of caring for a patient when they’re unwell. Science and technology are some of the most important tools for helping to improve people’s lives, and when you become a healthcare scientist, you have the chance to contribute to these improvements.’

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