Dr Sean Main, Registrar in Clinical Oncology


Meet Dr Sean Main, Registrar in Clinical Oncology, here at UHS. Dr Main is about to start training with the Tessa Jowell Fellowship and return as a Consultant Clinical Oncologist with interest in Neuro-oncology.

What is your role here at UHS?

Clinical Oncology Registrar about to complete training and returning as Consultant Clinical Oncologist with interest in Neuro-oncology.

When did you join UHS, and why did you choose this NHS Trust?

I joined UHS and have been working within the Wessex Deanery since 2018. I chose to work in UHS partly because this is the part of the country where I grew up and consider home. However, it is a bit more than this.I also chose to work in UHS as it has a reputation for providing excellent patient care. I have friends and relatives who have been treated in UHS both in the Cancer Care and other departments. I often hear unsolicited reports of good care in my local community. Friends have worked in UHS and reported that it is a supportive working environment and this I have come to learn is true. UHS has enabled me to progress through my Specialist training and prepared me for a career in Clinical Oncology.

What is it like working with Cancer Care at UHS?

Cancer Care at UHS is an ever-growing department. Between Haematology, Medical Oncology and Clinical Oncology we treat a large number of patients every day. We provide the most up to date types of cancer therapies to provide the best in Oncological management. There is a unique Acute Oncology service, much envied across the country, which provides our patients with round the clock support and oncology specific expertise. There is a rich research heritage with lots of opportunities to be involved in clinical and early phase trials. The radiotherapy department offers specialist techniques including stereotactic radiotherapy, brachytherapy and intra-operative radiotherapy. There is a strong feeling of shared purpose and collobaration within and between clinical teams at UHS. The aim is always to provide excellent patient-centred care. This is a rich and exciting department to work in.

Have you undertaken any research whilst in your role?

I am shortly going to undertake a Clinical Fellowship in Neuro-Oncology with the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission. This will allow me to develop research skills to bring back to UHS. During my time at UHS I have been involved in practice changing projects including in Vestibular Schwannoma which has been presented at National and International Conferences this year. I have also led a project in Lung SABR outcomes which was presented at, and received a prize at National conference this year too. There are endless opportunities including being involved in the early phase clinical trials unit and with links to the University of Southampton and NIHR.

What are the facilities like within the Cancer Care department?

Cancer care has its own dedicated ward with passionate, caring, and knowledgeable clinical teams. With the new building work there is shortly to be a new Oncology ward. There are state of the art Linear Accelerators including 6D couchs and a refurbished Brachytherapy suite. There is a purpose built modular building for outpatients, chemotherapy suite and aseptic pharmacy. On site, there are separate Maggie’s and Macmillan centres offering our patient easy access to specialist support. There is a Macmillan garden to provide a sanctuary to patients receiving treatments and their relatives. There is an acute oncology department which offers emergency and urgent assessment to Oncology patients. There are a network of offices which help to make the department run. Newly opened, there is a staff wellbeing building with space for time away from clinical work, a coffee shop and gym.

What are your career aspirations?

I will join a Fellowship and return in 2024 to take a substantive post in Clinical Oncology with an interest in Neuro-Oncology. This will involve caring for patients with all manner of different central nervous system tumours. I am looking forward to joining an excellent and established Neuro-oncology team with expert Clinical Oncologists and Nurse Specialists. I hope to be able to continue to offer our patients excellent care but also to see how this can be improved for the future. I hope to be able to open more clinical trials in UHS specifically for Neuro-oncology patients working closely with our colleagues in Neuro-surgery, Neuro-radiology and Neuro-pathology. I hope to enhance the patient experience by looking at how resources are accessed and interpreted. I hope to provide a centre which supports Junior doctors in training and assists them to achieve their potential.

Do you enjoy living in the South Coast region?

I grew up in North Hampshire, attended sixth-form in Winchester, studied Medicine in London and since this time have looked forward to returning to Hampshire. I have a young family who enjoy the ease of access to London, the rolling countryside or the North and South downs as well as the New Forest. There is the rich History of Winchester, Salisbury, Southampton and Portsmouth. There is very good schooling from Nursery to University. This is my home. It is a perfect place to be settled and I hope to stay here.

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