Dr Yamamah Al-Dulaimi, FY2 Doctor


Meet Dr. Yamamah Al-Dulaimi, FY2 Doctor at UHS. Learn why she chose UHS. 

There are several reasons why UHS was the best place to start my career in the NHS. The most important one being job stability and growth opportunities.

The foundation program is a two-year contract which allowed to provide me a stable employment opportunity. The program has a wide range of specialties that you can choose to work in, which can offer various career paths and opportunities for professional growth and advancement. I believe it's an essential part of any young doctor's career.

The General is a very big hospital which allows exposure to various cases, and you get to see a diverse patient population. This exposure allowed me to gain valuable experience and expand my knowledge and skills in different areas of medicine. This is why I believe the training program has been so amazing. You get to have allocated teaching time provided by the trust where they teach us about different relevant topics.

When you start the program, I believe you feel welcomed and get a lot of support, especially from your colleagues. Starting in the NHS can be very overwhelming. There is a lot of information to take in, and navigating a social life on the side of that can be very difficult. But if you get the right support like I did at UHS it can really make a difference.

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