Georgette Diabetes Dietitian

From working in pensions to dietetics, hear all about Georgette’s career journey so far and how she found her passion in dietetics.

What were you doing before you came to UHS?

“So my story is a little bit different, I had been working in pensions but when I had my children it really cemented my interest in health and nutrition. So, I decided to leave my job and go to Surrey University as a mature student to study nutrition and dietetics. During the course, I actually did a placement here at Southampton which I really enjoyed and I was fortunate enough that when I graduated, there were some open job opportunities at UHS. I have been at UHS coming up 9 years now”

Why did you choose UHS?

“One of the reasons I chose UHS after I graduated was because it's such a large department and there are so many opportunities. So, if you have a certain area that you want to shadow or know more about then this is definitely the team to be in because of the amount of opportunity”

Why have you stayed at UHS?

“Through this job I have had so many opportunities like going on the radio, doing some health promotion events and film videos. What I really enjoy is that every day is different, you’re not always doing the same thing day in and day out. What I think is also great about the department is you can really find your area of expertise, you have the opportunity to try different roles, different teams and decide what you want to specialise in. For me, it was diabetes that I have specialised in for the last 6 years now”

What opportunities have you had while at UHS?

“I have had the chance to do a lot of multidisciplinary working, so not only very closely with the rest of the Dietetic team, but we get to link in with other specialists such as like the diabetes consultants and the diabetes specialist nurses. Also, during the pandemic, we’ve been able to make some educational videos that we’ve shared online on our YouTube channel”

What is it like being part of the dietetics team?

“I think we have a really good team here in Dietetics. We are always there for each other to share case studies, offer guidance and support with more complex cases. Even though we don’t see all of the team all the time, we all know that we are all there for each other, the support and network in the team is great”

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