Hannah Davey - Vascular Scientist

This week we are celebrating Healthcare Science Week. We caught up with Hannah Davey to discuss her time here at UHS, and to learn more about her role within the Healthcare Science Team. 


What is your role and what does your role entail? 

I am a Vascular Scientist. My role involves performing ultrasound scans of the veins and arteries in the body to look for narrowing and blockages which could be causing the patients symptoms. As well as performing the scans, I also write a report for the referring doctor explaining the findings of the scan.

How long have you been with UHS and what was your career background? 

This is my 4th Year at UHS. I have recently completed the NHS Scientist training programme and undertook my training at UHS. After completing my training, I was successful in getting a full-time position within my department.  Prior to starting at UHS I competed my undergraduate and master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I have also worked as lifeguard and personal trainer before starting at UHS.

Is there a specific piece of equipment or technique that is used at UHS that helps you with your job?  

The main piece of equipment that we use in our role is an ultrasound machine. We have different probes which operate at different frequencies to make sure we can get the best image.

What developments within your department are you looking forward to? 

We are currently in the process of offering two new services which will involve 2 new types of scans which we currently do not perform at UHS. I’m looking forward to learning these new scans and developing my skills as a Vascular Scientist

Has any new cutting-edge research or techniques been used in the department since you joined? 

I am currently undertaking a research project with the Vascular surgeons at UHS. We are investigating whether Thoracic Aortic aneurysms can be detected and measured using ultrasound. They are currently detected using CT and if our study is successful, we are hoping that in the future ultrasound can be used to screen for Thoracic Aortic aneurysms.

What training and development opportunities have you had during your time at UHS? 

I undertook my training to become a Vascular scientist here at UHS. There is always lots of conference and courses that we can attend to develop our skills.

What personal qualities do you feel you need to be a part of the Healthcare Science speciality? 

In order to be a vascular scientist you need to be able to be friendly and empathetic as we work with patients. You also need to work well under pressure as we have busy clinics and you sometimes have to do

What is the overall team environment like? 

I would describe as a welcoming and friendly team. Everyone is always so caring, and we are always willing to help each other out. If you ever have a problem everyone is willing to help.

What does your team do to help keep morale up and support each other? 

I feel that we are a really close team. If you are other unsure about something during a scan or how to write something you can always ask your colleagues for hep and advice. Also, if one of our team members is delayed during a scan we will help out and scan other patients that are waiting if we have finished our lists. Everyone is always willing to help and support each other.  We also enjoy team trips to costa for a treat!

What do you feel is world-class at UHS? 

I think that research is world class at UHS. There are always so many interesting and ground breaking studies being performed.

What service does Healthcare Science offer at UHS? 

There are a wide range of healthcare science specialisms at UHS which. Healthcare science plays a major role in the diagnoses and treatments of patients.

What specialism did you study to become a Healthcare Scientist?  

I completed the NHS scientist training programme in Vascular science. This training programme includes a masters in healthcare science alongside specific training in the hospital.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a career as a Healthcare Scientist?

Healthcare science is a really rewarding job as you help lots of patients. There is a range of specialisms including those who work with patients and those who don’t.

Is there a moment of working in the department that made you feel proud of your job? 

I think every day I feel proud doing this job. It always feels rewarding knowing that you are helping patients.

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