STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Temporary Resourcing Lead

Hannah Swann - Temporary Resourcing Lead

From finance to healthcare, hear all about Hannah’s career journey in HR and why she chose to join UHS. 

“Hannah has worked above and beyond in trying hard to increase fill for all nursing roles during a very difficult time. She has introduced incentive payments which increased fill and provided support at staffing meetings. Her dedication and flexibility has been outstanding” – Angela Morcumb, Temporary Resourcing Manager


Hi Hannah! Can you tell us a bit about your role within the HR Temporary Resourcing Team?

I have been working at UHS since September 2018. The temporary resourcing team manage our agencies and bank so we work with the likes of NHSP to make sure we are getting the value of our contract. We make sure all agency staff are well managed while they are at UHS and ensure that all guidelines are being adhered to. We create bank incentives and make sure that the best quality of nurses are coming through. I specifically look after nursing temporary resourcing.


Where were you before you came to UHS?

So, I worked in a financial services company before UHS. I was really passionate about joining the NHS as I had family members that had long term illnesses and their healthcare professionals really helped extend their life. That kind of thing touches us all and the NHS institution is something I really believe in. I really liked the values of patients first and the focus on people after working in the financial sector for so long.


Why did you choose a career in HR?

I have always been interested in people and problem-solving. I enjoy that within my resourcing role it's all about people and making sure they are in the right places at the right time and benefiting their careers. I really enjoy helping people develop their careers and that’s what HR is all about. People.


What’s been the highlight of your HR career?

Over my career, I have been able to help people develop their careers and manage teams. I enjoy that side of things and seeing other people supporting other people. Giving people the right opportunities to develop and grow is so rewarding. Especially within my role at UHS, adding in agency workers and incentives, you can really see the good impact the work we are doing makes. Adding nurses to help on the wards helps as it's giving those short-staffed areas those extra staff members so we can continue to make a difference and give patients excellent care.


What is your favourite thing about working at UHS?

I would say one of the things noticed as soon as I started was teamwork. Here at UHS, it’s all about working together. I see that in my role all the time, people trying to make people’s life’s easier in terms of staffing. We have that kind of culture at UHS where it's all about supporting each other and supporting people’s careers. The organisation has that caring element which makes it a really nice environment to work in.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy running with my cockerpoo Coco, yoga and crime dramas!


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