Holly Gastro Dietitian

From a newly qualified dietitian to a band 6 gastro dietitian here at UHS. Holly has had quite the journey over these 3 years since joining us straight out of University. Hear all about Holly’s graduate journey at UHS.

Hi Holly! Can you tell us a bit about your time before UHS?

“Before I came to UHS, I was at University in Cardiff. After doing some travelling in the summer I finished, I came back and saw a job opening at UHS and it was kind of the perfect job for me. It was a rotational band 5 role and the department offers so many opportunities to band 5’s. I did just over a year and a half as a band 5 and just got sucked into the world of our department and now am a band 6 gastro dietitian. I took some time out to do some nutrition work in Tanzania but was really happy to come back to UHS”

Why did you choose to come to UHS to start your career?

“For me, I knew I wanted to go to a bigger hospital to start my career. I wanted a rotation as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to specialise in. As I was moving away from home, I wanted to be somewhere with other band 5’s. When I came for the interview, Karen, Bethany and Rebecca who interviewed me were just so welcoming from the word go. I just felt like my colleagues swept me up and invited me which was just such a nice environment to come into. There was also a lot of support and network around you which is really valuable, especially as a newly qualified dietitian”

Why have you stayed at UHS?

“Easy, the team and the people around me. I feel so fortunate that I love the gastro team and the wider dietetics team. I always feel really welcomed, the consultants greet me on the wards, they know my face, and I really enjoy the patient group. So I think once you have found your part and place, there are so many things you can do and everyone really fosters a supportive environment where you can achieve the things you want to. If you have an idea for a project, they say great, go for it. I have always been pushed forward to develop my skills and have always been supported”

What opportunities have you had here?

“We have the chance to go on study days to develop our skills and explore our ideas. There hasn’t been a time where someone’s turned around to me and gone don’t do that. They help refine your idea and help your learning and development. Everyone has always helped and brought new ideas, new ways of thinking to the table”

What is the team environment like?

“The dietetics office is the most welcoming place you could come into. Everyone wants to make space for you and get to know you and I think that’s important as you really feel like everyone cares about who you are. You’re not just another dietician. If you have a problem there is always someone there as a shoulder to cry on, people want to know about your weekend, how you are and your problems. And I think that’s really unique in a big department”

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