Holly Mckay - Sewing Machine Apprentice

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Meet Holly Mckay, a Level 2 Sewing Machine Apprentice. Holly is the first NHS emplyoee to be enrolled on this programme.

What is your role and what does your role entails?

I am a sewing machinist apprentice; I work in the uniform room. My role is to process, alter and repair most of the uniforms and curtains in the hospital. This includes altering uniform for new and current employees and ensuring their uniforms look professional.

When did you start your apprenticeship and what was your background?

I started my apprenticeship about 20 months ago and have recently taken all my exams and am waiting for my results. I have always been a sewing enthusiast and feel incredible lucky to be able to sew for my job now!

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship rather than more ‘traditional’ routes such as university?

I chose and apprenticeship as I needed to earn while learning, I felt it suited me and my work life balance.

I was unaware that UHS did sewing apprenticeships, so before I was offered the apprenticeship with UHS I was looking for a sewing job with training that was local to me. I had been working in healthcare before I did sewing professionally so finding this apprenticeship just felt this right and fit me well.

What do you feel makes UHS world-class and what is your favourite part about working here.

I feel the care and dedication at UHS is world class. My favourite benefit is to be part of a big team –At UHS there are roughly around 13,000 employees! And training – being able to progress in your career and all the opportunities they have to offer

Is there a moment of working on apprenticeship that made you feel proud of you joined UHS?

I felt proud when I had altered and fitted the new employees’ uniforms and saw how professional and happy the employees looked. They were very grateful for the changes to their uniform as they fitted well, allowing them to do their jobs and provide top class care to our patients whilst being comfortable.

What support have you had from your mentors, colleagues and UHS? 

I have had great support and mentorship from my team in the uniform room. They have all been great help to me, from answering endless questions to writing witness statements for my course work, to showing me new tricks and tips with sewing. They have all been fab. Thanks girls! Thank you Julie!

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