STAFF SPOTLIGHT: HR Operations Project Manager

From a Band 3 to a Band 6, Laura Bean has had quite a career journey over the last 15 years here at UHS. We caught up with her to talk about why she chose to join UHS at 19 and what her time here has been like. 

“Laura is a very strong team manager running a busy operational HR team. Laura is always willing to share her knowledge and experience to help others and has successfully managed several key organisational projects. Her passion for international recruitment has enabled the Trust to exceed its targets in this area whilst delivering a fully supportive process for candidates” – Kate Eyres, Recruitment Manager 


Hi Laura, can you tell us how you came to join UHS and a brief overview of your time here? 

So I joined UHS when I was 19. Before joining, I didn’t have much HR knowledge and I started as a Band 3 administrator. Then after a year, I moved up to a Band 4 as an HR Coordinator. Then after covering a Band 5 team leader role, I eventually got made a permanent within that role. Eventually, I went for a Band 6 advisor post which then transferred to an HR operations project manager which is what I am doing currently. So I have really built my way up within the HR team and have been given opportunities to do courses, CIPD level 3 and am currently doing the operation management level 5 apprenticeship. 

 Why have you stayed at UHS? 

UHS have been great for me, in terms of my personal life as well. My daughter hasn’t been very well since she was born and they have really looked after us. And seeing the care they gave my daughter, just made me feel so proud because of how dedicated and amazing they are. They have given me opportunities I wouldn’t have come by if I wasn’t here. I have been on a journey while being here, I started at 19 and have got married, had children and all that kind of stuff. UHS has grown with me through all that. The teams that I work with have been so supportive, they are flexible in terms of my personal life and they trust me to do my job properly. I trust UHS to look after me. 

What made you choose a career in HR? 

I enjoy dealing with people. Here at UHS, because our HR department is so big, there are so many people that you deal with. There is always something different every day and different people every day. I manage the Transactions and Overseas team so one day I could be speaking to the education team, business partners, employee relations or corporate recruitment. I just want to make sure that people are happy and enjoying their role and that all starts with HR. 

What’s been a highlight of your HR career at UHS? 

As much as it's been a very very tough time, the pandemic is probably a highlight for me. In terms of what we have achieved. Seeing what my teams achieved throughout those 2 years was just amazing.  

The transactions team supported thousands of movements within the trust, made thousands of system changes and they all just really pulled together. They deal with employees who aren’t happy about certain things and are the backbone to making sure that the staff we recruit are safely recruited. They always make sure we have everything we need for our staff. 

The Overseas team have always been amazing helping and supporting people who are really nervous to move away from their home. They have looked after them throughout the whole process, overseas recruits often say our HR team have been really supportive, provided them with accommodation, given them pastoral care, welcome sessions and helped point them in the right direction.  

I just feel really proud to be part of both teams and the work they do. 

What do you think the future of HR will look like? 

I think our overseas recruitment will just grow and grow. It’s all about giving them the best experience possible. 

What do you like to do outside of work? 

I have three young children and a husband so all my spare time is with them but we love to get out and about and socialise. 


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