Mohamed Gomaa Kamel - Junior Doctor

Junior Doctor Advert- Mohamed Gomaa Kamal

We spoke to Mohamed, a Junior Doctor here at UHS. 

What is it like working in the Emergency Department at UHS?

UHS is one of the biggest hospitals in the UK. It is a major trauma centre, so you will see a wide diversity of cases and you don't need to refer your patient to another hospital because you have all specialities at one hospital, which means safer, more efficient and faster care.

I really enjoy working with the nurses' team who are amazing, multinational and very efficient!

 What made you choose to join UHS?

It is a teaching hospital as well, so you will have a lot of teaching opportunities to deliver presentations and teach medical students in the ED and sometimes you will be invited to participate in medical students' exams. You can join research teams as well to conduct international research.

If you are preparing for any exams like MRCEM (for ED), MRCP (for medical specialities) or MRCS (for surgical specialities), etc., it is very easy to find well-organised events and courses to prepare well for your exam, some of these events are completely free!

It has an excellent rating according to the annual report nationally which reflects how safe, well-responsive, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led UHS is.

What is the support like in the Emergency Medicine team?

One thing that I really like about UHS is that you have a consultant called "educator" from 8 to 5 and you can go to that consultant anytime to sign off any competencies or to teach you anything you want. This is one of the reasons that I think I made the right decision to work here! Also there is always at least one consultant present at all times in day in ED for support and advice. If you are interested in the pre-hospital medicine (PHEM), you will find more than five PHEM consultants/registrars in the ED!

Are they chances to progress and develop you skills?

You will have an educational and clinical supervisor to support you and to help you to work on your future plan regardless of your future speciality.

What are your career aspirations?

Before I come to the UK, I wanted to do GP or ED but when I joined the NHS, especially the ED at UHS, I cannot find myself anywhere but only in the ED.

Do you enjoy living in Southampton?

It has two universities and a big multicultural community, so you will not feel alone. The mess (the area where we take our breaks) is really good and active, they organise events frequently for different events including Ramadan and Eid!

It is very easy to get your home food and meet a lot of people from your country. It has around 9 masjids which organize nice events for everyone including kids! The geographical area for the deanery is one of the smallest in the UK which means if stay here later for training, you don't need to commute for a long time between different hospitals!

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