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Apprenticeships at UHS

We offer a huge range of apprenticeships, whether you’re interested in scientific and healthcare programmes or a career in a role supporting the day to day running of the hospital – such as finance, IT, carpentry, or painting and decorating.

What’s an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a training position, where you benefit from a combination of practical training and study – all while being employed and earning a wage as you learn. You’ll have both on and off the job training, with study time allocated for you to complete your qualification so you can maintain a good work/life balance.

We offer a huge range of apprenticeships at all levels – from GCSE to master’s degree equivalent. To learn more about the different apprenticeship levels, click here.

Who are our apprenticeships for?

Anyone! There are often misconceptions about apprenticeships being for people who’ve just left school, but this is simply not the case. The age of our apprentices varies widely, ranging from 16-65 years old. We offer training at all levels, for specialisms in all areas and sectors – from nursing to laboratory science, and even chartered surveying.

We work with a variety of local and national training providers, including:


Why choose an apprenticeship?

There are many benefits to choosing to take your career down an apprenticeship route. As an apprentice at UHS, you’ll:

  •       gain valuable experience in your desired industry

  •       have new career opportunities open up to you once you finish your course

  •      earn a salary as you learn

  •     have the opportunity to work alongside people who are experts in their field.


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