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Our apprenticeships

This is a list of the apprenticeships we are currently able to offer staff at University Hospital Southampton. To find out more about any of the apprenticeship opportunities listed, please contact


Nursing, midwifery and healthcare

Level 2

Healthcare support worker

Our healthcare support workers provide high quality, compassionate personal care to patients across all clinical areas within the Trust. They perform a range of clinical duties, such as checking blood pressure or weight, and helping patients do things they cannot do by themselves – washing, brushing their teeth, or eating.

Level 3

Senior healthcare support worker

Like all healthcare support workers at UHS, senior healthcare assistants provide compassionate care to our patients. A senior healthcare support worker will be a role model to other support workers, championing best practice and undertaking a leadership role among the team of healthcare assistants.

Level 5

Assistant practitioner

Assistant practitioners work as part of the wider healthcare team, providing direct patient care to service users. As an assistant practitioner apprentice, you’ll refine your clinical skills in a range of areas, depending on which specialty you are based in.

Nursing associate

A nursing associate works under the direction of a registered nurse to offer skilled support to the nursing and healthcare workforce, providing excellent patient care to individuals and offering assistance in the assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation of care.


Healthcare scientists

Level 6

Healthcare science practitioner (degree apprenticeship)

Our healthcare science practitioners use scientific technique to aid all areas of the patient’s care pathway – from diagnosis to treatment. You’ll learn to complete a wide range of highly skilled diagnostic tests, analyse results and support the other healthcare teams across the Trust.

Laboratory scientist (degree apprenticeship)

As a laboratory scientist at UHS, you’ll use your specialist scientific knowledge to carry out a range of technical and scientific procedures in your area of specialty, providing expert analysis on your findings.



Level 2

Business administration

Our business administration apprentices learn how to implement a broad range of skills needed to thrive in an administrative role, including producing business documents, using various software packages, and managing projects. This apprenticeship is offered at both level 2 and 3, depending on prior experience and qualifications.

Customer service practitioner

As a customer service practitioner, you’ll learn how best to provide a high quality level of customer service to our service users and patients.

Level 3

Assistant accountant

During your assistant accountancy apprenticeship, you’ll provide support to the finance teams within the organisation, learning how to effectively handle financial data in relation to the organisation’s overall business strategy.

Business administration

Our business administration apprentices learn how to implement a broad range of skills needed to thrive in an administrative role, including producing business documents, using various software packages, and managing projects. This apprenticeship is offered at both level 2 and 3, depending on prior experience and qualifications.

Customer service specialist

Being a customer service specialist, you’ll know how to deliver exceptional customer service to our patients and service users, acting as a point of contact for any relevant customer queries or complaints.

Digital marketer

As a digital marketing apprentice at UHS, you’ll learn how to build, implement and monitor a variety of marketing campaigns using a range of digital tools and technologies.

Human resources (HR) support

In your HR support apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to respond appropriately to standard HR queries, work through a range of HR processes, and provide relevant advice in your area of expertise.

Infrastructure technician

During this apprenticeship, you’ll become well-versed in the methods used to support customers (both internal and external to the Trust) in their use of technology. This will involve learning how to troubleshoot and find solutions to technological problems.

Team leader/supervisor

Being a team leader, you’ll learn how to provide direction in your management of a team, planning projects, supporting the needs of your team, monitoring workloads and delivering defined outcomes.


Level 4

Associate project manager

Associate project managers are responsible for the strategic planning and delivery of projects against clearly defined goals. You’ll use the skills you learn in this apprenticeship to produce timeframes, delegate roles and communicate with teams to ensure the aims of a project are met successfully.

Data analyst

As a data analyst, you’ll collect and interpret data to offer insight on larger business aims and strategies. The role will involve using a range of complex analytical tools to extract, manage and analyse data, and you’ll learn a variety of techniques to make this process as effective and efficient as possible.

Professional accounting/taxation technician

In this apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to process financial information in accordance with accountancy regulations, prepare tax calculations and gain understanding of the business systems in place within the industry in which you operate.


Level 5

Operations departmental manager

In this apprenticeship, you’ll be learning how to manage teams and/or projects, undertaking the strategic planning of operations in accordance with the needs of both your individual department and the wider organisation.


Level 6

Chartered manager (non-integrated degree apprenticeship)

As a chartered manager apprentice at UHS, you’ll be learning to take charge of a team, make strategic decisions and deliver on long-term organisational goals.


Level 7

Senior leader (master’s degree apprenticeship)

During this training programme, you’ll hone your skills as an effective and strategic leader, learning how to push forward innovation and help the vision of the organisation take shape.


Support services

Level 2

Painter and decorator

Painters and decorators work across UHS, ensuring that our public and staff areas are kept looking clean, with a high quality finish, providing our patients and staff with a welcoming environment. During your apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to safely and effectively use the appropriate products to create a comfortable and clean setting.


Level 3

Advanced carpentry and joinery

Advanced carpenters and joiners work within and around our hospital, preparing and installing building components (eg. doors, floor units and structural carpentry).  As an apprentice, you’ll learn how to carry out advanced skilled work and find solutions to complex carpentry problems.

Maintenance and operations engineering technician

Our maintenance and engineering team are responsible for maintaining a safe and effective environment for our patients to be cared for and our staff to work within. You’ll work with a range of specialist tools, helping to maintain our Trust – from complex electrical systems to state-of-the-art healthcare equipment.

Medical engineering

As a medical engineering apprentice, you’ll learn how to carry out fault diagnoses on various types of medical equipment, as well as provide essential servicing and maintenance to this equipment.


Level 4

Facilities manager

Throughout the course of this apprenticeship, you’ll be studying the responsible and safe management of properties, assets and services across the Trust.


Level 6

Chartered surveyor (degree apprenticeship)

During this degree apprenticeship, you’ll learn how to make evaluations for clients based on inspections of buildings, land or construction.