People Strategy

At UHS are ambition is to nurture our World Class People in an environment where our staff feel they THRIVE, EXCEL and BELONG.

THRIVE by looking to the future to plan, attract and retain great people and to ensure every area is resourced to meet demand.

EXCEL within an organisation where forward-thinking people practices are delivered at the right time and where team structures, culture and environment are all designed to support wellbeing and develop potential.

BELONG in a compassionate, inclusive and welcoming environment that values and supports every individual, both personally and professionally.

Read more about view of how we propose achieving world class people ambitions through our people strategy, below.

UHS Our People Strategy 2022 - 2026


UHS – belonging here

Belonging at UHS means that every person feels free and comfortable to bring their whole selves to work, safe in the knowledge that they are welcomed, respected and represented.

Part of how we do that is supporting a number of staff networks that represent the voices and views of colleagues from across our diverse workforce. They include:

OneVoice Network, providing a platform that develops and inspires individuals to fulfil their potential by offering support and guidance on professional and personal issues. It is also a place to celebrate diversity and give a greater voice to staff from a BAME background.

Longterm Illness and Disability group, representing colleagues with a long-term illness or disability and regularly meets to discuss various topics which affect staff and hear from guest speakers.

Proud Alliance, representing and supporting our LGBTQ+ community. The group was refreshed in 2022 with a new name and leadership but with the same commitment to developing an inclusive and respectful work environment.