Why UHS?

Although we share many features with other large university hospitals across the world, we believe we stand out because of our ambition to improve and our heartfelt compassion for the patients we look after.

We're also one of only a few trusts in the UK that have the ability to care for people before their birth through to the end of life, providing almost every specialism they could need along the way, 24/7. So if you want to broaden your range of skills, UHS is a perfect fit.

Because UHS is essentially a micro city, we can offer almost every job imaginable – over 350 in fact. Some require a medical background, such as nurses, allied health professionals (AHPs) and healthcare scientists, but there are also plumbers, electricians, porters, secretaries and catering experts, as well as finance, communications, HR and informatics specialists.

Whatever role you're interested in, we can offer fantastic training and development  giving you the best possible opportunities to achieve the career you want. 


With our partners the University of Southampton, the Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research, we contribute to the development of treatments for tomorrow’s patients. We work at the leading edge of healthcare developments both in the NHS and internationally. We think this makes us stand out from the crowd. In particular we have nationally-leading research into cancer, respiratory disease, nutrition, cardiovascular disease, bone and joint conditions and complex immune system problems. We are one of the largest recruiters of patients into clinical trials in the country.



We know how important it is to feel valued and listened to. It’s important to all of us. So you can expect to be supported in progressing your ideas to improve our services. Just take a look at some of our stories to read about the fantastic ways in which our colleagues are doing just that.

Education and training

We're a centre of excellence for training the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals of the future. And you can benefit from our relationships with the University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University who help us to educate and develop staff at all levels, including a large apprenticeship programme, undergraduate and postgraduate education.


Our Values

Our vision is to work with our partners at the leading edge of healthcare for the benefit of our patients. This means we must unite behind our mission to be better every day because we know that there is always the opportunity to improve our services.

Our values guide the decisions we make every day.